Knockouts - Men

Singles matches for Men are played using the full difference in handicaps.

In four ball events, the lowest handicapped player concedes 90% of their handicap difference (rounded to a whole number) to each of the other players.

Matches All Square on the 18th must continue from the 1st Hole until a hole is won.

Entry details are posted to the club notice boards well in advance of each closing date.

Winners receive their trophies at the Annual Dinner and Dance.

Except for the Winter Knockouts, the latest date for each round is set so that the Finals should be completed by mid-September.

Prompt arrangement of matches is essential to achieve this target. Every round must be played by the due date.

Telephone your opponent(s) early – don’t wait for them to call you.

Be ready with at least two dates when you can play and, in the summer, be prepared to play in the evening.

The intervals between rounds are long enough to find a date so always arrange yours early.

Expect to be disqualified if you have not played by the deadline!

Major Club Competitions

For these, the following rules apply:

Entrants must have FOUR completed Beauchief Competition cards since 1 January of the previous year and must have an Active Handicap.

For these, Medal and Stableford events open to all members, or those for Rabbits, Veterans and Juniors, will count.

Players over 22 Handicap play off 22.

Finals are played over 36 Holes (but not necessarily on the same day).

Summer Knockouts

Abbey Shield (Singles) - men with a handicap of 15 or less.

Rabbits Cup (Singles).- men with a handicap of 16 or more.

Club Trophy (Singles) - men

Pye Cup (Four Ball Better-ball) - men

Entries for these need to be submitted by about the first week in April.

Charity Cup (Singles) - men.Entry is by means of a Running Medal Competition over seven consecutive days Over Easter Weekend, including Good Friday.

Players may enter as many times as they wish (no more than once per day).

The best round for each player is the score to count.

The best eight scores in each of two handicap divisions (up to 15 and over 15) are drawn into the knockout stage.

Scratch Cup (Singles) - men with a handicap of 12 or less.

Played off scratch.

Entries need to be submitted by about the first week in May.

Senior Singles - men aged 55 and over

Seniors Better-ball - men aged 55 and over.

Entries need to be submitted by about the first week in April.

Junior Cup (Singles)

Entries need to be submitted by about the first week in May.

Winter Knockouts

Priestley Cup (Singles)

Vice-Captain's Prize (Four Ball Better-ball)

Seniors Singles

Entries need to be submitted by about the last week in September.

Mixed Knockout

Athorn Cup

Open to man and lady pairings.

Entries need to be submitted by about the first week in April.

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