The lists here show the names of the main office holders since the creation of the Club in 1925.

In general, these are the members who were elected at the Annual General Meeting at the end of the previous year.

Where no record can be found the entry is left blank. If you can help to fill in any of those then please do get in touch.


YearPresidentSecretaryTreasurerMen's CaptainLadies' CaptainJunior Captain
1991E G CulverJ G PearsonD CookR StimsonElaine BrownP Cummings
1992E G CulverJ G PearsonD CookB SummersonFreda KingD Adams
1993E G CulverJ G PearsonB SummersonD PagdinFreda KingR Woolhouse
1994E G CulverJ G PearsonB SummersonW G BrownPauline BryanM Unwin
1995F K BarlowJ G PearsonB SummersonR MayJudith AthornJ Staniforth
1996F K BarlowJ G PearsonD LathamK MurrayCathy JohnsonJ Rose
1997B SummersonJ ElliottD LathamB MartinJean CholertonC Lund
1998B SummersonMrs S ShawD LathamR AthornBetty JennettT Wright
1999B SummersonMrs S ShawD LathamR HillBrenda FryerA Martindale
2000B SummersonMrs B FryerJ GilbertP BellLynn BirchJ Murphy
2001B SummersonMrs B FryerJ GilbertR BettsJune MillerC Bates
2002B SummersonMrs B FryerJ GilbertM KirwanKath MowforthJ Murphy
2003R BettsMrs B FryerJ GilbertT GarveyLiz WensleyR Dodge
2004R BettsMrs B FryerJ GilbertT DunkAnn ElsdonS Roberts
2005R BettsMrs B FryerJ GilbertB ElsdonCarol FlemingR Mackay
2006T GarveyMrs B FryerJ GilbertM BeecroftMarie KelwickM Civil
2007T GarveyMrs B FryerJ GilbertJ MallinsonJudy HillJ Mappin
2008T GarveyMrs B FryerJ GilbertP ArmitageElaine BinghamJ Froggatt
2009T GarveyMrs B FryerJ GilbertJ WraggLiz FrostS Froggatt
2010J MilsomMrs B FryerJ GilbertD HuttonChris RobsonP Wood
2011J MilsomMrs B FryerJ GilbertP StockdaleJulie HutchinsT Mallinson
2012J MilsomMrs B FryerJ GilbertM McHaleMary CottonD Stafford
2013J MilsomMrs B FryerJ GilbertG WildgooseMargaret NormingtonJ Kelley
2014J MilsomMrs A ElsdonJ GilbertM MouldLaurel SutcliffeR Denmark
2015J MilsomMrs A ElsdonJ GilbertA GreenwoodKathy StaceyL Rhodes
2016J MilsomMrs A ElsdonJ GilbertP ChandranHazel FosterJ Betson
2017J MilsomMrs A ElsdonJ GilbertN HessellJane WhiteS Bennehan
2018M MouldMrs A ElsdonJ GilbertC ShawHelen HiltonF Midgley
2019M MouldB SummersonC FosterD LevertonKate SeniorF Midgley
2020M MouldB SummersonC FosterT RichardsonSue MurbyC Robertson


YearPresidentSecretaryTreasurerMen's CaptainLadies' CaptainJunior Captain
1961R MemmottJ BillardE ProctorJ R CooperMrs Heath-
1962A E YouleJ BillardJ MuscroftT E ProctorMrs Gallagher-
1963A E YouleJ BillardJ MuscroftE HansonMrs Williams-
1964A E YouleJ BillardJ MuscroftJ BillardMrs Hague-
1965E BagnallJ BillardJ MuscroftR BrooksMrs Simpson-
1966E BagnallJ BillardV ReillyJ A HicklingMrs Frow-
1967E BagnallJ BillardB YatesP W HickinsonMrs Stocks-
1968J A HicklingJ BillardB YatesA BrookesMrs Morton-
1969J A HicklingJ BillardB YatesG A S ElliottMrs Hague-
1970J A HicklingJ BillardB YatesR AmesMrs S Stork-
1971J A HicklingJ BillardB YatesJ MarsdenMrs M Temby-
1972A BrookesJ BillardB YatesF NewtonDr E H Abbott-
1973A BrookesJ BillardL StokesH CooperMrs Woodhouse-
1974A BrookesJ BillardL StokesA SmedleyVal Stokes-
1975A BrookesJ BillardL StokesW H PeaceMrs M Hague-
1976P W HickinsonJ BillardL StokesL StokesMrs G Evans-
1977P W HickinsonA SmedleyT SwancottG A CuttsKath Slater-
1978P W HickinsonA SmedleyT SkillingL BookerMary Warrener-
1979P W HickinsonA SmedleyT SkillingC E FroggattK Candelet-
1980P W HickinsonA SmedleyT SkillingR GrocuttR Rule-
1981A SmedleyN SherrattT SkillingG W BookerG Parkin-
1982A SmedleyF LimageT SkillingI M BakerVicky Cutts-
1983A SmedleyF LimageM WalkerT W KitchenA WoodhouseJ R English
1984A SmedleyD CookM WalkerJ ParkerMary WarrenerJ R English
1985E G CulverP RoseB SummersonF LimageKath SlaterD Fidler
1986E G CulverF K BarlowB SummersonD CookJ ClarkeM Holmes
1987E G CulverF K BarlowB SummersonE A DrakeMary WarrenerM Holmes
1988E G CulverJ G PearsonB SummersonF R PhelanVal StokesL Bond
1989E G CulverJ G PearsonB SummersonF K BarlowVal StokesJ Carr
1990E G CulverJ G PearsonB SummersonG W ThomasMary WarrenerC Waring


YearPresidentSecretaryTreasurerMen's CaptainLadies' CaptainJunior Captain
1925Ald. Cattell--C S Needham--
1926Ald. Cattell--C S Needham--
1927A PyeH W SilveyH W SilveyR A Pitt--
1928A PyeW A BarlowW E TrickettW F Hastie--
1929A PyeW A BarlowW E TrickettW F Hastie--
1930A PyeG ThravesG ThravesA M Foster--
1931A PyeG ThravesG ThravesW Wolstenholme--
1932A PyeG ThravesG ThravesA J Tyas--
1933A PyeG P CollisonG P CollisonH Evans--
1934C S NeedhamG P CollisonG P CollisonW E Trickett--
1935W F HastieG P CollisonG P CollisonL Allen--
1936W WolstenholmeG P CollisonG P CollisonA E KcKinley--
1937B H DudleyG E BlackwellG E BlackwellF Ellis--
1938E A ParnellC CawseyC CawseyC Dixon--
1939P HemingwayC CawseyC CawseyG E Blackwell--
1940C DixonC CawseyC CawseyP C Coxson--
1941C DixonC CawseyC CawseyR Morris--
1942C DixonC CawseyC CawseyD J Page--
1943C DixonG GreavesG GreavesG Thraves--
1944A G MoodyG GreavesG GreavesC Cawsey--
1945A G MoodyC CawseyC CawseyR TingayMiss Wright-
1946A G MoodyC CawseyC CawseyW MarshallMrs Dixon-
1947A G MoodyC CawseyC CawseyL ConwayMrs Heaton-
1948C CawseyG GreavesG GreavesA DunderdaleMrs H Davidson-
1949C CawseyA H ThomasA H ThomasS T HeathMrs Heathcote-
1950W WolstenholmeA H ThomasA H ThomasC HattonMrs Sykes-
1951W WolstenholmeA H ThomasA H ThomasG E DavisMrs Hunstone-
1952W WolstenholmeA H ThomasA H ThomasF BarghMrs Holland-
1953W WolstenholmeA H ThomasA H ThomasA SmallMrs Margerrison-
1954W WolstenholmeA H ThomasA H ThomasS GreenMrs Brookes-
1955A DunderdaleA H ThomasA H ThomasH BeattieMrs Goodrich-
1956A DunderdaleA H ThomasA H ThomasR MemmottMrs Milner-
1957A DunderdaleA H ThomasA H ThomasA E YouleMrs Youle-
1958A DunderdaleA H ThomasA DiskinJ MuscroftMrs Adamson-
1959H BeattieA H ThomasA H ThomasL HutchinsonMrs Beattie-
1960R MemmottA H ThomasE ProctorW TaylorMrs Temby-
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