Preferred Lies

Whilst course conditions are poor, our Temporary Local Rule of Preferred Lies is in operation. 
Until further notice, clean and place within 6" is allowed on closely mown areas only. This is generally areas of the course cut to fairway height.
Note: The usual relief from casual water can always be taken and also relief from plugged lies.

15th Green Renovation

Work to completely rebuild the 15th green started on Monday 17th September 2018. This will mean the temporary green will be in play for many months as the new green is unlikely to be back in playing condition until late summer 2019. Please note that whilst work is being carried out on the new green during the week that the 15th hole could be out of play and the 16th tee moved forwards.

This green has suffered during the winter months for many years and last winter was out of action from November through to early May. Water was just not draining away and remedial work was long overdue. The finance for this has finally been made available by SIV and we welcome this project to improve the course.

We regret that some people may well be unhappy whilst this work is carried out. However, it is part of a course improvement plan which will restore our course to one that we can be proud of once again, and to rival many private golf clubs!!

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