Preferred Lies

As course conditions are deteriorating, our Temporary Local Rule of Preferred Lies will be in operation from Saturday 13th November 2021. 

In addition, from Friday 10th December, until further notice, the use of a Fairway Mat is also permitted under this rule.

Mark, clean and place within 6", no nearer the hole, is allowed on closely mown areas only. This is generally areas of the course cut to fairway height.   Please read the official notice below.

Note: The usual relief from casual water can always be taken and also relief from plugged lies.

Preferred Lies in Bunkers

This Temporary Rule has been re-introduced from Sunday 18th December 2021 due to winter conditions and the poor state of many bunkers, with limited maintenance. It is only applicable as/whilst the course is non-qualifying for handicap purposes.

In short, a ball lying in a bunker can be played as it lies OR can be placed within 6", no nearer the hole, still in the bunker. No smoothing of the bunker is permitted whilst taking this free relief but it is expected that players make best efforts to smooth their tracks after playing their shot. 

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