Covid-19 Playing Restrictions

Following the extended closure of all golf courses due to the pandemic, we are pleased that Beauchief Golf Course was re-opened for play on Thursday 14th May to 2 ball groups. 

After a 2 week delay following advice from the Sheffield Director of Public Health, play in 4 ball groups was re-instated from Monday 15th June.

When you arrive at the course to play there are some guidelines on what you should do, as shown in the video below. Advance booking is mandatory so do NOT come if you have not booked a tee time.

Bunkers Declared as Ground Under Repair

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, bunker rakes are not permitted and consequently the current condition of most bunkers is poor, with limited maintenance allowed. The committee have therefore declared that all bunkers be treated as Ground Under Repair.


When a player's ball LIES IN A BUNKER, the player MUST TAKE FREE RELIEF by dropping out of the bunker at the nearest point of complete relief, no nearer the hole. Choosing not to take relief is NOT optional as another local rule prevents play from any areas of Ground Under Repair. General penalty would apply.  

The full rule notice can be viewed below.

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